Relentless Labz: Simply Food




SIMPLY FOOD is a great source of complex carbs without all the bad carbs you work so hard to stay away from. Unlike Maltodextrin or Waxy Maize, SIMPLY FOOD is made up of  Real Sweet Potato, Yams, Oats and Fruits without added sugar. This formula can be added to your current protein shake or as a pre workout formula to guarantee the Pump you crave every time you hit the gym. Endurance, this is the original endurance formula designed to help your body maximize its energy and glycogen during intense exercise. Go ahead and train harder, your body can take it with SIMPLY FOOD as its gasoline. Be RELENTLESS when you train and eat, stay hard and full with SIMPLY FOOD.


•  Complex Carbs to Increase Protein uptake

•  Great source of natural energy

•  Support for increased caloric intake

•  2 Delicious flavors to spice up your protein shake


Key Ingredient:

Whole Food Complex Carbohydrates


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